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Our Story

Rooted in Local Activism

Chula Vista Democratic Club (CVDC) was founded on August 19, 2009 by Eduardo Valerio, Jose Preciado, Hector Martinez, George Silva, José F. Cerda and Michael Garrod. The purpose of the CVDC is to foster Democratic ideals among all Chula Vista Democrats; to support the California Democratic Party platform; contribute to local party leadership; organize to politically empower the Chula Vista community; and to promote full political participation of Chula Vistans on issues identified by the organization.

The club meets on the fourth Thursday of each month via Zoom until our regular in-person meetings are possible.

Governing Documents

As an official chartered club of the San Diego County Democratic Party, the Chula Vista Democratic Club holds itself to high standards for governance, participation and transparency. This commitment is reflected in our bylaws, which are reviewed regularly to ensure they remain relevant in the governance of the club.

CVDC Bylaws

As amended March 25, 2021

CVDC Endorsement Policy and Procedures

As amended May 26, 2022

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