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Executive Board

Leadership starts locally. The Chula Vista Democratic Club Executive Board is committed to stewarding the club and leading with Democratic values and principles. This includes helping Democratic candidates for public office, advocating for progressive policy, and creating positive impact on local, regional, state and federal issues.

2021.3.9 Tanya Castaneda photo.jpg

Tanya Mannes Castaneda


James Edward Moffatt.png

James Moffat

Vice President and Secretary

2021.3.15 Hector Martinez photo.jpg

Hector Martinez

Treasurer/Founding Member/Past President

2021.3.9 Jose Preciado photo.jpg

Jose Preciado

Founding Member/Past President


Rising Democratic leaders are focused on community building, leadership and issues advocacy. As a volunteer-led organization, the Chula Vista Democratic Club relies on the participation, talents and energy of its members to advance its goals.

Key members have been selected to serve in important leadership roles as Club Directors. These members share responsibility with the Executive Board for ensuring a fair and transparent club voting process, growing and supporting our membership, and conducting fundraising efforts on behalf of the Club.  

Bea Fernandez.heic

Bea Fernandez

Rules Chair

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